Alex Cipriano

Poltergeist • Snapchat Campaign

What We Did... Ran the Snapchat account, directed a short film, and created supporting content for the theatrical release.

What I Did... Some background: in 2013, I was one of the first people to use Snapchat as an organic advertising platform to promote the reboot of Carrie1. I shot in-the-moment short-form scary movies that used props and themes from the film and sent them directly to followers. Fans would take screenshots, record what was on their phone with a friend’s phone, and share what I made on their own personal social pages. This made it clear to me that ephemeral, disappearing content could be more valuable than something more permanent like a Facebook or Twitter post.

For the Poltergeist campaign, we created an interactive horror movie with a full script, actors, props, and special effects. Fans tuned in to a 3-hour event2, guiding3 a teenage house sitter through a poltergeist infested house4.

Before that, I used the clown doll5 to 'talk' to fans6.

With... Trailer Park & 20th Century Fox