Alex Cipriano

American Assassin • Theatrical Campaign

What We Did... Ran the theatrical social campaign, including statics, videos, and a microsite. Learned a lot about Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf1 fans.

What I Did... Directed a team of social managers, oversaw the content calendar, and developed the social strategy.

American Assassin was interesting because we had a (very, very large) Dylan O'Brien fandom2 and a smaller, but just as passionate, group of Vince Flynn3 book lovers. Two demographics you wouldn’t expect to mix.

To build off of that, I created an activation where we DMed small sections of the official poster to representatives from each group4. They were instructed to team up, along with the broader Twitter community, to piece the poster together. This got us over 28,000 organic tweets5 in 24 hours and a mention in Variety.

I also made a bunch of puzzles6.

Variety • Article5

With... Watson Design Group & CBS Films